Southport Baseball

Live LIke Drew Leadership Awards

Great questions to ask ourselves as players, coaches, parents, etc.: 
Baseball Ball How do I react to a bad call? 
Baseball Ball What is my response to an error in the field? 
Baseball Ball How do I react when my son/daughter/teammate strikes out? 
Baseball Ball Am I coachable? 
Baseball Ball Am I a good sport regardless of if I win or lose? 

It is important to always be conscious of the potential influence and impact we may have on others.

What a privilege it is to partner with the Southport Youth Sports Association to honor some awesome players. All of the coaches get together to choose one player from each team of each age division to be the recipients of Live Like Drew Leadership Awards! The foundation rewards these awesome kids by covering their entry fee for next season, and we look forward to following them through the years to see how they continue to impact and influence!



Congratulations to the following recipients of Live Like Drew Leadership Awards for the 2021 Spring Baseball Season:

6U:  Noah Dupree Baseball Ball  Maddox Hance Baseball Ball  Braxton Hoskins Baseball Ball Beckett Jones Baseball Ball  Waylon Nelson      Brooke Stanquist

8U:  Colton Etheridge Baseball Ball Aiden Mabile Baseball Ball Weston Mond Baseball Ball  Luke Roig 

10U:  James Anderson Baseball Ball  Mitchell Boutwell Baseball Ball Parker Calhoun Baseball Ball Bo Dunne Baseball Ball Wyatt Stanquist

12U:  Channon Anderson Baseball Ball  Julien Baker Baseball Ball Tanner Page Baseball BallSayeed Siddiqi

15U:  Will Dewitt Baseball Ball  Drew Yeats